There are DeMolay Chapters all over the state of Texas. Your first step will be to find one in your area:

  • Use the Chapter Locator to find a Chapter near you.
  • Contact the Chapter to see if there are any special events for you to attend and find out what the membership fee will be (there are no annual dues in DeMolay, your membership fee is the only dues fee you will ever have to pay but it varies from Chapter to Chapter).
  • Download the Application for Membership (PDF format).
  • Submit your application to the Chapter and your initiation will be scheduled!

DeMolay initiations are not at all like other fraternity "initiations" you may have heard of. A DeMolay initiation is a very important and solemn occasion. Nothing will be done to embarass or harm you in any way. Both of your parents will be invited to attend the initiation if they so desire.